4moms Origami Stroller

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Step in to 21st century parenting with the 4moms Origami Stroller which folds and unfolds all by itself with a touch of a button! This ultra modern mom approved baby stroller has been saving busy moms and dads time since its creation. Its features are unlike those of any other baby stroller on the marker such as daytime running lights, pathway lights and a charger for your devices. That’s right, this stroller plays multiple rolls including baby stroller of course, storage and a charging station! As you walk or run with baby securely strapped in to the 4moms Origami Stroller, it stores that energy and converts it to usable power. The generators in the rear wheels allow this state of the art stroller system to charge your cellphone and power an LCD screen that communicates mileage walked and temperature outside. Make a great gift for new parents who are always on the go!

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